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School started again. T_T So I'll be coming on during the weekends only, which means I have a greater chance of getting bored with this journal. >.< Stupid school. Oh well..

I watched My Best Friend's Wedding last Saturday...finally. I'm not really a movie person, and I keep missing every movie I plan to watch, so I'm glad I was able to catch it this time.

I hate Julia Roberts. Did I ever mention that? Well, now you know. I'm sorry if you like her, but I just can't. Her mouth is so BIG!! I mean, Cameron Diaz mouth is big, but she looks likeable (I love her). Julia Roberts just looks evil. She also emphasizes the bigness of her mouth my putting on so much lipstick. She can be pretty, just don't make the mouth look like it's big enough to have an echo! (Who said that, Hugh Grant???)

I loved the storyline of this movie. I knew that Kimmy would eventually get Mike, but it was fun to see the movie anyway. I was laughing so much (more out of embarrassment at watching Jule's fruitless and evil attempts than real humor). Jules really is evil, and Julia Roberts (who looks evil herself) carried it off perfectly. It's amazing how I actually liked Kimmy when she's so...perfect. But as Jules said it, her perfection is not the annoying type. I saw how endearing Kimmy was when she sang the karaoke. I loved it.

I love the song. It was definitely the highlight of the show, when everyone started singing it.

The movie DID have some...plotholes..More like the behavior of some characters were a bit confusing. Such as Mike getting jealous of Jules and George, and all the chemistry between Jules and Mike, then when Jules confesses to Mike he doesn't seem to think of her any more than a friend. I mean, he took the ring off her finger with his mouthwhen he could have just used soap! But the movie was still great.

Now I sink into depression again at school starting..though it was great fun to see all my friends again. ^^ Sorry again if you like Julia Roberts. @.@
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