fessYchan (fessychan) wrote,

Vampire Knight

My new No. 1 manga.

Which girl can resist hot, gorgeous, sexy vampires?

Now, as always, I have chosen several pairings which I will support to the death:

My OTP is:
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Surprising, you would think, if you knew me well. Because I usually don't support main pairings, and ZeroxYuuki is, sorry for KanamexYuuki fans, really main. And it seems that they will eventually get together, because I just dont see Kaname with Yuuki by his side forever. Maybe I'm just biased..

But I just can't get through a manga without going for at least one completely unconventional pairing which practically no one would support. I can't post a pic now, but that pairing happens to be KanamexRuka.

Now I have to go eat dinner before my mom screams at me. See ya. XD
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