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J.K Rowling MUST have been drunk...

*gasp* I actually opened a Harry Potter book yesterday!!!!!!!! I had made a vow never to touch them again, but yesterday, I actually took Book 5 out, and opened it, and read a few random pages!!!!! I'm so excited!


I managed to land on a page where Hermione tells Harry, as an afterthought, that he should have told Cho that she, Hermione, was ugly, and Harry replied that he didn't think she was ugly. I think she was fishing for compliments there.

Now, don't read the following if you still haven't read Book 7 yet.

*sigh* Book 6 would have been wonderful it it had been HarryxHermione. I still think J.K Rowling was drunk when she wrote Book 6 and 7, because I don't think her romance writing skills could be THAT bad. I mean, try reading the (*cringe*) Harry and Ginny breakup scene in Book 6. It was so horrible, that when I read it, I had to stop at the end of every sentence. The same for the Hermione/Ron kiss in Book 7. It was soooooo fanficky. Don't even mention the LupinxTonks thing. HELLO! Dumbledore is dead! Have a suitable reaction! I was waiting for Dobby and Winky to appear and confess their love for each other. X.X

And did the whole world turn up at the final battle? I mean, I think I must have seen even Frodo, Sauron, Superman and Jane Austen all fighting one thing or the other somewhere in there.

The Resurrection Stone, and whatever wand? I don't even remember the third thing of whatever those things were. I think all three really destroyed Harry Potter, because suddenly, GASP, you can bring people back to life, which went against everything that was Harry Potter in the previous books. All those about Harry losing the people closest to him, and having to fight on his own. Now we are told that "Harry, you can bring people back to life again." Yay. But Harry, being so NOBLE, doesn't do that. Awww, we are all thought a valuable lesson here.

And I also found that there was a complete lack of emotion in the 7th book. It was like reading an encyclopedia. The part when Lupin, Tonks and Fred (or was it George?) died, it was like "they were dead, yay yay yay". Hello, put something that makes us sad! Okay, so Fred's death was pretty sad, and it made me forgive Percy, but where was the twin brother?!! I will never forgive J.K Rowling for cutting George's reaction out. We see him later, but no special emphasis on how he just lost part of him. I mean, Fred and George finished each other's sentences for each other, and they were always together. Now when one of them has died, J.K Rowling forgets the other. >>

I also think she should have mentioned how Loony, Padfoot, Prongs and Wormtail were all dead.

And how bad was the epilogue? What epilogue? I read no epilogue. Oh, if you mean that few pages at the end of Book 7 where J.K Rowling hosted a fanfic written by some 5-year-old, then I forgave that part. Because she must have been really drunk there, and people really don't know what they are doing if they are drunk.

It was so good to get that out of my system.
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